The Sun Pokemon. Suncellio is one of the main Legendary Pokemon found in the Janno Region. It is said to have some kind of affiliation with the Moon Pokemon, Mooncellia. As long as Suncellio is alive, the sun will never burn out. It can control the sun's heat using the move Sunny Day. Legend says when Suncellio is angry, the sun burns more fiercely than it normally should. Although this Pokemon is perfectly fit for living in outer space, it prefers to nest in large and very active volcanoes. This Legendary Pokemon can definitely survive a volcanic eruption.

Suncellio is the main Pokemon in the game Pokemon Sunlight Verion in the Generation VI games. It lives on top of Magma Mountain, Janno.

Pokemon CharacteristicsEdit

  • Species: Sun Pokemon
  • Moves:
    • Defense Curl,
    • Flare Gun,
    • Brighten,
    • Howl,
    • Roar,
    • Sunny Day,
    • Flash,
    • Take Down,
    • Flame Wheel,
    • Blinding Lights,
    • Selfdestruct,
    • Flare fire ball
    • Skull Bash,
    • Fire Wind,
    • Holy Beam,
    • Morning Sun,
    • Psychic,
    • Mirror Coat,
    • Lunar Dance,
    • Fire Blast,
    • Newborn
  • Type: Light/Fire
  • Height: 36'07" |Weight: 10025.0 lbs.
  • Gender(s): None
  • Evolution: Does not evolve


  • HP :♦♦♦
  • Attack: ♦♦♦
  • Defense: ♦♦♦♦
  • Sp. Attck: ♦♦♦♦
  • Sp. Def: ♦♦
  • Speed: ♦♦♦

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