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Welcome to Pokemon Fanon Wiki
The wiki about fan created Pokemon that anyone can edit

217 articles since July, 2009.

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What's new

  • July 2nd- This wiki is created!
  • July 3rd- Snapatchu is currently working on a theme for this ever-growing wikia. Please be patient, this wikia is under construction.
  • Happy 4th of July!!! Anyways, the theme is finished, and the wikia is complete!!! Just in time to be patriots!!!

Contribute to this wiki

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Not sure where to start?
  • Check out the community portal to see what the community is working on, to give feedback or just to say hello.

Featured Article


Shuckan is known as the Defender Pokemon. Shuckan's base speed stat is 10, but Shuckan's defense base stats are 255. Shuckan's base stat total is above 700. Read more here!

Video of the Week

This is a remix of the Elite Four Battle Song, by PokeRemixStudio on Youtube. This is a remix of the song, as I said before, and was placed here for when you are writing, so that you may play this on another tab. It is exciting for writing a Pokemon Story, or a Fake Pokemon.

Pokemon R S E Remix Elite Four04:39

Pokemon R S E Remix Elite Four

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