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Pokemon, Moonlight Version and Pokemon, Sunlight Version are Pokemon RPGs available for all Nintendo DS systems. These games have better graphics if played on more advaced systems, like the Nintendo DSi and the new Nintendo 3DS. These two games take plave in the Janno region, with the player's starting area on Brik Island. Moonlight & Sunlight will release in spring 2015 in Japan and winter 2016 in North America and Europe. The featured Legendary Pokemon for the Moonlight version is Mooncellia, and the featured Legendary Pokemon for the Sunlight version is Suncellio.




Welcome to the sixth generation of Pokemon! In Pokemon Moonlight/Sunlight, you'll get to explore the Janno region, where you can catch, train, and battle your favorite Pokemon! You shall embark on your very own Pokemon journey as you search for the Legendary Pokemon of the moon/sun!






New PokemonEdit

To see the Pokemon you can get in Pokemon Moonlight & Sunlight Versions, please see the Janno Region Pokedex.

Version ExclusivesEdit

Pokemon, Moonlight VersionEdit

Pokemon, Sunlight VersionEdit



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