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Plankton, unlike the one from SpongeBob SquarePants, is as power feeds B6 and K12 were re-routed, is a character from Pokemon Crimson and Navy, and Pokemon Harlequin. His species is a giant copepod/giant plankton monster and he battles the player. The class of him is called "Copepod".


Battle 1Edit

Plankton battles in Achirudal Town with a Lavenseed.


  • Level: 9
  • Moves: Growl, Natural Gift, Present, Selfdestruct

Battle 2Edit

Plankton battles in Route 9 with his Toron, Magnepass, and Rubball.

Battle 3Edit

Plankton battles in Route 15 with his Raizid, Glydirl, and Salatad.

Battle 4Edit

Plankton battles in Route 23 with his Shuckle, Cherritwo, Eklipse, and Heracross.

Battle 5Edit

Plankton battles in Sacho Cave with his Caspeek, Neobeet, Neomise, and Hollopump.

Battle 6Edit

Plankton battles in Route 33 with his Blazgo, Pinkmee, Wingon, Psydra, and Chromite.

Battle 7Edit

Plankton battles in Route 1 with his Kingler, Cherritwo, Darmanitan, Cacteild, and Gastrovire.

Battle 8Edit

Plankton battles with his Hardstate, Rayquick, Zoroark, Pinslice, and Sandragoon in Pokemon Crimson and Navy, however he uses his Lunaro in Pokemon Crimson and Solaran in Pokemon Navy. In Pokemon Harlequin, his team was Rayquaza, Cherrirbot, Kingfisher, Gastrovire, Cacteild, and Thunderaze.

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